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Knisely Shredding Has been serving Central PA with quality shredding services for 27 years.

On-site Destruction - Witness the destruction process for added security.

Off-site Destruction - We'll pick up your material and shred it at our secure off-site facility. Our facility is video taped and alarm monitored by ADT Security.

Volume discounts

Fully Insured through a company with an A.M. Best rate of A+ (Excellent), with a liability limit of one million dollars. A certificate of insurance can be issued in your company's name.

A decision to shred is a decision based on a need for security. OUR BUSINESS IS SECURITY. Shredding is not a sideline business. Douglas Knisely, owner/operator has been in the security and shredding business for over 32 years.

If your security practices are ever questioned in court, don't you want to state that you went beyond "reasonable precautions", using a shredding service with EXCEPTIONAL HIRING PRACTICES AND THE BEST SHREDDING SECURITY BACKGROUND IN THE COUNTRY? We challenge any other service to match our security shredding background.

All Knisely Shredding personnel have been fingerprinted and had a national background conducted through the PA State Police or the Federal Government. With today's transient society, a local background just isn't enough. If other companies can't meet our background requirements or practices, you have to wonder WHY!

NO NAID Knisely Shredding is proud to state it is NOT a NAID member. I feel NAID's security guidelines are not in the best interest of the consumer. All anyone has to do is read their certification guidelines. An example is that they believe all truck doors locking is more important than shred size. They also believe that it's OK for a convicted felon to shred your documents as long as they wear a badge.

We feel that NAID or their certification program does not represent the higher security standards that we have placed on ourselves.

SurprisedA NAID vendor company that conducts background checks for NAID Certified companies posted a question and answer they say were originally published in the "NAID Certification Advisory."

Q: One of my employees tested positive for drug use. Will this affect my Certification?

A: NAID Certification requires that employers routinely test their employees for illegal drug use. A positive result, however, will not prevent someone from being in an access position, nor will it hinder your Certification. Surprised


Knisely Shredding uses one of the smallest shred sizes in our mobile trucks and  OUR TRUCKS MEET GSA REQUIREMENTS. We don't specify size because the customer can see for themselves via the window in the box of the truck. Most of our competitors will tell you a size, but never let you see because their trucks don't have windows allowing you to see the finished product. A video watching your material going into the top of the shredder isn't what you're paying for.

Grinder Shredders (Below) - as used by Knisely Shredding don't allow paper to auger to the box of the truck until it's small enough to pass through a screen. Notice how the larger pieces keep coming back around.   




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