Most shredding companies donate time and resources in helping their local communities. They receive awards and kudos for their donations.  Although that’s nice, what protections does this give you in the event of a breach or security incident.
It may be extremely beneficial to spend a little time meeting with and considering a company with its finger-on-the-pulse of  the industry and a proven track record. 
Document destruction is a security function.  Knisely Shredding is a division of Knisely Security, LLC, a licensed Pennsylvania security company.
Douglas Knisely has been identified as an expert in the security as well as the shredding industry with the below accomplishments:
  • Assisted the US Department of Labor’s OIG office in identifying appropriate shredding practices in their shredding vendor selection.  
  • Instrumental in helping the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs with their shred vendor due diligence.
  •  Initiated Veteran Administration review of shred vendor procedures resulting in revised procedures, with thanks from a Congressman for helping protect the security of veterans personal health information. 
  •  Identified security risks with GSA contracts which lead to over $1 million dollar settlement for taxpayers.  Articles concerning this action were written in four languages.
  • Exposed risks with Department of Veterans Administration policy leading to VA Directive changes to increase security.  The Department of Veterans Affairs, Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology writes “Mr.Knisely is correct” in describing shred policy vulnerabilities.
  • Instrumental in the Veterans Administration removal of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certification requirement. 
  • Filed a federal Lanham Act suit against a nationwide shredding company resulting in a settlement.
  •  Initiated a Department of Army contract investigation concerning shredding specifications, resulting in a settlement.
  • Consulted with the attorney of an individual who had their Personal Health Information (PHI) exposed on a shredding industry training video, resulting in a monetary settlement. 
Companies don't just hire shred vendors to protect customer information, but for self-preservation.  The exposure of just one piece of paper containing personal information could cost tens of thousands of dollars.  I have proof of this.
You've already recognized your possible exposure to risk if you fail to properly protect customer information.  Complete your due diligence by researching your most secure document destruction option.  If you do experience an exposure, your due diligence process will become an issue.  Don't risk your business reputation by hiring a company solely because they have an industry certification.  
Call to schedule an appointment.  Let my accomplishments and 40+ years in the security and shredding industry work for you.   800-810-0474

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