As a testament to its level of acceptance in the marketplace, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the largest healthcare network in the country, REMOVED the mandate that all data destruction services providers seeking their business must be NAID AAA Certified to be eligible. 




You must read the following email: The email was obtained through a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION request. The DOL OIG was researching to find a secure shredding service for their location in Washington, DC.



The below photo was provided by the DOL - OIG

Notice the large pieces and un-shredded checks.


Do you or your financial institution use a service that has the pierce-and-tear shredders?

Some services use the wording "shear shred or cross-cut" to shy away from the pierce-and-tear stigma.

Doug Knisely tearing apart a bale of pierce-and-tear paper .

Large pieces of paper pulled from the pierce-and-tear paper bale.

All these large pieces of paper were pulled from this single bale of pierce-and-tear paper.

All these checks were pulled from this single bale of pierce-and-tear paper.

This is just some of the PHI(private health info) that came from this one bale of pierce-and-tear paper.

Pierce-and-tear companies that put down the strip shredders have no room to talk. Their 5/8" teeth also produce strips of confidential information.  

The laws have changed regarding secure destruction, but most of the shredders have remained the same.  Be sure to ask what type of shredder is in the truck.   Many companies will tell you they use cross-cut or shear shred to avoid using the term "pierce-and-tear".

Knisely Shredding is the only Central PA company using hammermill & grinder technology.

Knisely Shredding is the only shredding company licensed by the PA Court to conduct business as a "Security Shredding" service.


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