Knisely Security Hard Drive Destruction 


For those having a greater duty to protect information entrusted to them. 

Hard drives hold thousands of files with private information such as financial, healthcare, etc. that you’re legally responsible for.  One compromised hard drive is equivalent to losing thousands of pages of private data.

Why would you risk your business reputation and financial security by allowing your hard drives to be transported out of your control, no matter how reputable you believe the service is?  This is a big leap-of-faith.

Knisely Security, a “PA Licensed Security Company” will bring the self-contained destruction unit to your location and destroy your hard drives while you watch with a proven method that’s secure, convenient and safe.

* Hard drive bar codes will be scanned and emailed to you.

* You will see the hard drives being destroyed. The drive’s platters will be punched, bent and rendered unspinnable.

* You’ll be given a “Certificate of Destruction” to verify the number of drives destroyed, which can later be matched to the barcode scan email. 

* Destroyed hard drives will then be recycled.

Visual verification is your only guarantee the information contained on the drives won’t come back to haunt you.



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