No Contracts


"Knisely Shredding will only require a contract if we have a large investment of consoles or bins.

No contracts will be required for most small businesses.

We feel that if we can't keep you happy as a customers, you deserve the right to go elsewhere. That's our guarantee to provide quality, honest service.

Keep in mind that some shredding companies will require a contract no matter how small the account. These contracts may lock you in for 3 years and require monthly service whether you need it or not. Be careful. Don't be fooled."

HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate Agreement


BUYER BEWARE: of the small print.  Why is there so much small print in a service contract/agreement?

Is it possible the agreement is so pro vendor that they don’t want you to easily read what you’re agreeing to?

Minimum charges - may not be minimum if service charges are also to be added.

Very low performance bids.

Price increases at any time - Low entry bids mean nothing if the vendor can then increase the price at their discretion.  How difficult is it to dispute increased charges?

Penalties for early termination - Be sure to understand under what conditions you can terminate an agreement.  How many hoops do you have to jump through to do this?  What legal fees will you incur? 

Length of Service Agreement - If a vendor can’t reasonably project their operating costs for a couple years and find the need to incorporate rate increases into the active agreement, then maybe an extra long agreement term isn’t in your best interest. 

End of Agreement - If you miss the deadline for notifying the vendor of your wish to not renew the agreement (bid, etc.), are you locked in for another long term contract? Be sure to know what your automatic renewal commitment is. 

If the agreement seems mostly one sided and places most of the corrective burden on you, maybe you should look for a service that has a mutually beneficial agreement at a fixed price. 

A fixed price contract will allow you to stay within your budget.  You have to project out a couple years when budgeting and have to stick to it.  Why should your vendor be given such latitude, at your expense?

Beware of the small print……

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